No Free Lunch For Bank Customers

Would your current lender phone you to say that a better loan is available from one of its competitors?

When articles like the recent one in the Sunday Mail are published (read it here), they remind us in detail what profits the big 4 banks are earning, and what procedures they adopt to earn these profits and keep their shareholders happy, it makes it even more important to ask yourself this question “is my bank looking after my best interests or theirs?”

In many cases, the answer will never be known, because many clients are loyal to their bank and just accept what they have been offered without questioning and researching what they could save if they considered a switch to a better loan product. This may mean even staying with their current home loan provider.

A mortgage broker can provide majority of the answers, because unlike your current lender, a broker can access a very wide range of other lenders and their products, complete a full analysis on which loans would be most suitable for your circumstances and finally recommend the one that should be the most appropriate.

Article – Sunday Mail – 7th October 2012 

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