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Act now or pay the price

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Beware the fees for breaking fixed loans

Banks are their own worst enemy

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You’re Invited! Variety Queensland “Suits” Lunch

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Cooper Financial Connections has been waiting sometime to be involved with a luncheon that not only supports a Charity, but has speakers that will give real down to earth information in a very difficult market, so much so,  that it is a lunch not to be missed, so I am  proud to be sponsoring this lunch in support of the fantastic work that Variety – the Children’s Charity does!

As the table numbers are strictly limited to sixteen (16), I urge you to call Georgie Benham, Corporate Events Executive at Variety Queensland and book your table (or individual seat) as soon as possible on 3907 9300 as bookings will be accepted on a ‘first in, first booked’ basis.

I am very confident that your clients will find the speakers very informative and the information will assist in formulating investment and business strategies!

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No Free Lunch For Bank Customers

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Would your current lender phone you to say that a better loan is available from one of its competitors?

When articles like the recent one in the Sunday Mail are published (read it here), they remind us in detail what profits the big 4 banks are earning, and what procedures they adopt to earn these profits and keep their shareholders happy, it makes it even more important to ask yourself this question “is my bank looking after my best interests or theirs?” Continue Reading…

RBA attempts to reinvigorate the Australian economy by cutting rates by 0.25%

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The Reserve Bank has reduced the official cash rate by 25 basis points to 3.50% as at 5th June, 2012.

The RBA have made their decision based on a number of key indicators including stagnating global growth levels and falling employment in the US. Manufacturing activity in Chinabarely grew in May and fell to a three year low in Europe. Continue Reading…

Big Banks Dropping Variable Interest Rates

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After a two day standoff involving the big four Australian Banks and following last Tuesday’s announcement by the Reserve Bank to cut their official rate by25bps, the ANZ, NAB, CBA and Westpac have all finally announced that they too will cut their variable rates by the same amount. Continue Reading…